Bug #1067

Updated by v ... 9 months ago

# Go to a web page ; 
 # Turn off your internet connection ; 
 # Click on a link in the web page previously loaded ; 
 # Because there is no internet connection, the WebView is showing us that the link we clicked on is not available (normal) ; 
 # However, the URL bar continues to display the previous URL (the bug) ; 
 # Turn on your internet connection ; 
 # Tap to the refresh button ; 
 # The URL used to refresh the page is the last one, which previously has not been resolved, and not the displayed one. So, it only seems to be a bug relative to the view. 

 I suppose the refresh of the URL bar is done after the URL is resolved. Therefore, to fix that, the refresh has to be done before the possibly resolution of the domain name. 

 See the attached screenshot.