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Indicate which SIM cards are default for Voice and Data.

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I have a dual SIM phone, and while the application seem to work, I don't know which card is used for the warnings I receive.
Can you add the SIM card name in the notifications, please?

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I'll have to look into it, but I am not sure that information is exposed. Privacy Cell displays the connection information for whatever is the default for calls or internet traffic. I have never used a dual SIM, but I would assume that whenever you open a browser and go to a webpage you don't select which SIM card is used. Similarly, when you make a call from your phone I would assume you don't select the SIM card every time. If those assumptions are the case, that would mean that you have a default SIM assigned for those purposes. Without testing, I would assume that default SIM is what is reporting the information that Privacy Cell is picking up.

If you want to test it yourself, set one of your SIM cards to only function in 2G mode and see if that is reflected in what Privacy Cell displays.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner 7 months ago

It looks like it is fairly easy to pull this information.

It looks like it would be fairly simple to get information about which SIM card is being actively used for Voice and which is being actively used for Data. Having never used a dual SIM device myself, I have no personal experience with this, but it appears that you can use one SIM card for one purpose and one for the other if you like. This information could then be displayed in the main activity.

I would probably be fairly difficult to redesign the notifications to simultaneously monitor two SIM cards, and some of the information might not even be available in public APIs. Currently Privacy Cell can get data for whatever is default for Voice and whatever is default for Data. But it should be easy to indicate in the main activity which SIM card is default for these things and to automatically update that information if it changes (it appears you can have opportunistic SIM cards that become default when they have a signal available).

Along these lines, it might be nice to display the complete subscription info, including hidden subscriptions (no idea yet what those are):

And, for API >= 34, information on SIM cards previously inserted:

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