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Privacy Browser Android Manager, Developer, Reporter 03/03/2016
Privacy Browser ROM Integration Manager, Developer, Reporter 06/12/2017
Privacy Browser PC Manager, Developer, Reporter 01/18/2022
Privacy Cell Manager, Developer, Reporter 03/07/2022
UltraList Manager, Developer, Reporter 04/11/2020
UltraPrivacy Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/27/2018



12:12 PM Privacy Cell Feature #1192 (New): Add support for searching the logcat
This would be similar to ##381. It would also involve adding syntax highlighting to the logcat. Soren Stoutner
12:10 PM Privacy Cell Bug #1158: random spurious backgrounded crashes
If you could post a logcat of the crashes it would be very helpful. Soren Stoutner
12:09 PM Privacy Cell Feature #1177 (Closed): Detecting Silent SMS Attacks
I am going to close this as it doesn't seem feasible on modern versions of Android. If anyone has any ideas about ho... Soren Stoutner


02:31 PM Privacy Browser Android Bug #1191 (Closed): First button text is wrong color in View Headers in night theme on first load.
It turns out the text for these particular buttons is always white in both night and dark themes. So, the fix was fa... Soren Stoutner
02:30 PM Privacy Browser Android Revision c8b11d2b (privacy-browser-android): First wrong button text in View Headers in night theme.
Soren Stoutner


11:42 AM Privacy Browser Android Feature #1189 (Closed): Look at removing all of the attr tint colors
Implemented in commit:;a=commitdiff;h=5641898ccc58ebfb969ff... Soren Stoutner
11:41 AM Privacy Browser Android Revision 5641898c (privacy-browser-android): Remove all the custom attr entries.
Soren Stoutner
11:10 AM Privacy Browser Android Bug #1191 (Closed): First button text is wrong color in View Headers in night theme on first load.
This is some type of race condition with loading the correct color from the XML file, as the correct color is pulled ... Soren Stoutner
10:10 AM Privacy Browser PC Feature #866 (Closed): Implement saving of MHT web archives
This was actually handled in ##1089. Soren Stoutner
10:05 AM Privacy Browser Android Privacy Browser Android Forum: RE: Shared links enclosed by "<" and ">"
I don't think this is anything Privacy Browser is doing. More likely it is something the email client is doing when ... Soren Stoutner

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