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12:51 PM Privacy Browser Feature #642: Convert the ViewWebSource ViewModel to Kotlin
I have been informed that at least one old Motorola phone also has problems with this. Soren Stoutner


11:54 PM Privacy Browser Feature #143: Option to move the app bar to bottom instead of top
If this can be done well, the option should also mobe the header of the bookmarks drawer to the bottom of the screen ... Soren Stoutner


11:31 PM Privacy Browser Feature #644 (New): Display a snackbar when opening a bookmark in the background
Currently it isn't easily apparent what happens when a bookmark is long-pressed in the bookmarks drawer. Soren Stoutner
11:28 PM Privacy Browser Feature #643 (New): Fix swipe-to-refresh being activated if switching to a tab and then immediately scrolling up
If, after switching to the new tab, the WebView is scrolled down first, it behaves as expected.
Some logic needs t...
Soren Stoutner
11:20 PM Privacy Browser Feature #642 (New): Convert the ViewWebSource ViewModel to Kotlin
This might fix a crash on Samsung devices. They crash consistently on opening View Source, which might be caused bec... Soren Stoutner
11:18 PM Privacy Browser Feature #641 (New): Convert five more dialogs to Kotlin
Soren Stoutner
11:14 PM Privacy Browser Feature #537 (Closed): Allow for multiple search engines in the URL bar
I've decided I am going to address this feature through as mentioned above. ... Soren Stoutner
11:12 PM Privacy Browser Feature #508 (In Progress): Activate Keyboard incognito mode
Soren Stoutner
11:09 PM Privacy Browser Bug #443 (Closed): See if there is a way to disable app bar scrolling when the URL bar is being scrolled left and right
This has been fixed in recent versions of Android, specifically Android 11. It also doesn't seem to be as touchy in o... Soren Stoutner
10:26 PM Privacy Browser Bug #422: User agent settings are not applied on redirects via URL shorteners.
This might have been fixed by, but it is difficult to tell because GitHub no ... Soren Stoutner

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