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09:48 PM Privacy Browser Feature #509: Add "open in new window" command
This is a really good idea, although it is much more difficult to implement than may be apparent to the outside obser... Soren Stoutner


11:51 AM Privacy Browser Feature #508: Activate Keyboard incognito mode
I will have to look into how this is activated. I would imagine it isn't that difficult to do. Soren Stoutner


10:09 PM Privacy Browser Feature #507 (New): Adjust the bookmarks drawer to work with Android 10's gesture navigation
Currently, opening the drawer and going back get confused. Soren Stoutner
10:08 PM Privacy Browser Feature #506 (New): Make the status, app, and navigation bars white
This matches the new style being adopted by Google. It also themes well to dark mode (and has advantages in fighting... Soren Stoutner


05:30 PM Privacy Browser Feature #503 (Closed): Update View Source to display the new Sec-Fetch headers
Implemented in commit:;a=commitdiff;h=c4856b8be94ffa3f6075969967d6117... Soren Stoutner
05:30 PM Privacy Browser Revision c4856b8b (privacy-browser): Add the Sec-Fetch headers to View Source.
Soren Stoutner


04:25 PM Privacy Browser Feature #469 (Closed): Open bookmark in new tab
I have replaced the editing of bookmarks with a long-press in the bookmarks drawer by opening the bookmark in a new t... Soren Stoutner
04:22 PM Privacy Browser Revision 7f5c8f01 (privacy-browser): Add opening bookmarks in new tab.
Soren Stoutner
03:42 PM Privacy Browser Feature #482 (Closed): Add an Open in Background context menu entry for links
Implemented in commit;a=commitdiff;h=75f7274fb8f3d161f632dc22daea406a8... Soren Stoutner
03:42 PM Privacy Browser Revision 75f7274f (privacy-browser): Add Open in Background context menu.
Soren Stoutner

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