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Privacy Browser Android Manager, Developer, Reporter 03/03/2016
Privacy Browser ROM Integration Manager, Developer, Reporter 06/12/2017
Privacy Browser PC Manager, Developer, Reporter 01/18/2022
Privacy Cell Manager, Developer, Reporter 03/07/2022
UltraList Manager, Developer, Reporter 04/11/2020
UltraPrivacy Manager, Developer, Reporter 07/27/2018



10:48 AM Privacy Browser Android Feature #1014 (New): Refactor the Bookmarks Activity companion object
This could probably be converted into arguments when starting the Bookmarks Database View Activity and a listener to ... Soren Stoutner


01:38 PM Privacy Browser Android Feature #1013 (New): The WebViews are messed up when rotating the screen.
This problem appears to have been introduced with the switch to ViewPager2.
The size of the WebViews isn't auto re...
Soren Stoutner
01:34 PM Privacy Browser Android Feature #1012 (New): Investigate using setAlgorithmicDarkeningAllowed on API < 29.
A cursory look indicates that Google no longer restricts this to API >= 29. This would enable dark WebView again on ... Soren Stoutner


03:20 PM Privacy Browser Android Feature #199: Allow duplicate bookmark folders
This should be completed before implementing import and export of bookmarks in #91. Soren Stoutner
02:50 PM Privacy Browser PC Feature #1009 (Closed): Add keyboard click commands to the Handbook
Fixed in commit:;a=commitdiff;h=5d997b1b77798f14de820507d54b48fb... Soren Stoutner
01:24 PM Privacy Browser Android Feature #782 (Closed): Add a cancel action to the save URL snackbar
Implemented in commit:;a=commitdiff;h=2f0d40bbfc1aca5d88e71... Soren Stoutner
01:23 PM Privacy Browser Android Revision 2f0d40bb (privacy-browser-android): Add a cancel action to the save URL snackbar.
Soren Stoutner
12:31 PM Privacy Browser PC Bug #1010 (Closed): Crash if Privacy Browser is closed while a tab is loading
Fixed in commit:;a=commitdiff;h=75a38db8a253d1458aaa5a2811afb58b... Soren Stoutner
09:45 AM Privacy Browser Android Feature #1011 (New): Consider reordering the domain settings entries
Previously, all the switches were grouped at the top. But, with the transition to spinners, it would probably make m... Soren Stoutner


04:45 PM Privacy Browser Android Feature #407 (Closed): Change the domain settings switches to drop down lists that include "system default"
Implemented in commit:;a=commitdiff;h=09795c801b5e5d85beb63... Soren Stoutner

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