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Consider switching the default for Scroll the App Bar to false

Added by Soren Stoutner 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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As the average device screen has gotten larger, the majority of users probably prefer to always have the app bar visible. As the defaults should be what is best for the majority of users, it would probably make sense to change the default to false for new installs.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner 8 months ago

I created a Mastodon poll of this question.

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Updated by ask low 8 months ago

The default hides the app bar ? Why ?

Btw, the animation of bar hiding is very bad tbh. It's very distractive everytime I scroll the page. I would rather implement hiding the bar without any animations.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner 8 months ago

The app bar has the option to scroll because on small screens it is nice to be able to use more real estate to display the webpage.

I personally like the scrolling animation more than anything I have seen on any other browser. Also, the way it is implemented as scrolling from a different view that intercepts the scroll data before the website protects against app bar spoofing, which is a significant vulnerability.

But on larger screens I prefer to always display the app bar because it makes accessing the controls easier, which I why I am planning to change the default value on new installs.

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Updated by ask low 8 months ago

Bar hiding should be instant tbh. The reason I hated the hiding animation, is because the bar hides/visible only when we scroll the webpage to half of the bar height. If not, the app bar (which is partially hidden/visible) snaps back into it's place. I have my android animations disabled, which is why I feel it's very unpredictable & annoying to me.

Just look how annoying this is...

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Updated by Soren Stoutner 8 months ago

It is interesting that you should feel that way. The snapping of the app bar is one of aspects of the design I really like.

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Updated by ask low 8 months ago

The snapping might be useful for you. But for me it's very annoying while reading the page & when the page suddenly bounces up & down based on how little we scroll.
You might say "don't scroll little bit". That's not a useful suggestion. We're humans & it'll always trigger one way or another.

I'd rather disable the hiding of the bar itself, than watching the page bouncing everytime.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner 8 months ago

1. This feature request isn't really about that issue. If you would like to discuss it, please start a thread on the forum.
2. I design Privacy Browser to work well for standard Android implementations. If you do something like disable animations, that is perfectly fine. But you probably shouldn't then complain that things don't work well when animations are disabled.

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Updated by ask low 8 months ago

Sure. The AOSP/other forks (whether FOSS or closed) all come with animations enabled by default, which is completely fine.
It's just my political bias against animations. I believe they only hinder my productivity, GPU heavy, nauseating to look at, and probably more gamified.

As for this issue, yes please. Although I'm not on mastadon (& will never be on any social media), I support disabling appbar hiding by default.


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