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Combine all toggles into one interface

Added by Cysill C almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Right now, the browser has two areas for enabling functionality like javascript, cookies, etc: The blue browser icon in the toolbar (plus any others that might have been added by the user), and the overflow menu. I propose that all of these be combined into its own separate menu that is opened by clicking the blue browser icon.

Rationale: Arguably the most defining feature of this browser is the easy toggling of these resources. Presently, enabling some of these options in the overflow menu require hunting through a bunch of unrelated items. By combining all of these items into one menu, the user will be able to see what's enabled and disabled at a single tap. This will also allow the user to enable multiple items at once before refreshing the page: The user can tap on multiple items, and only after the user taps away from the menu would the browser refresh the page, a la NoScript.

To preserve the quick-enable javascript, I also propose adding a feature that enables javascript when a long-press is given to the blue icon.

I've attached a (rough) mockup.

Freeing up those entries from the overflow menu would also possibly allow putting those items in the pull-out sidebar (after condensing of items like Guide/About, Home/Back/Forward/History, etc), but that's probably beyond the scope of this report.


mockup.png (818 KB) mockup.png Cysill C, 07/03/2018 05:33 PM



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This is an interesting idea. I appreciate the mockup and the time you have spent thinking about this. I'm not immediately sure if I want to go this direction or not, but I am going to ponder over it for a while.


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