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Undo a closed tab

Added by GNU User almost 4 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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When closing a tab (which can happen by accident) a message could appear stating "Tab was closed" and have an undo button. Similar to what Firefox has. I didn't find a ticket opened for this, if it's a duplicate I apologize.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner almost 4 years ago

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I have tried really hard to design the UI so that user's don't accidentally close tabs. And I expect that I would personally find it a little annoying to have a snackbar appear every time a tab was closed. However, I can see some merit in the idea. I will leave this feature request open and see how much interest there is from other users.

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Updated by GNU User almost 4 years ago

Alternatively instead of having it appearing every time, an option could be on the menu (something like "re-open last closed tab"). Not as much intrusive but still there for situations where a mistake was made. Just my 2 cents :)

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Updated by Soren Stoutner almost 4 years ago

I am less inclined to go that route than to use a snackbar with an undo button because adding an item to the options menu would require storing information about a previously closed tab, which is contrary to the core privacy principles described at

For those who might not know, the way the snackbar would function, similar to how it currently functions when deleting a bookmark, is that when the tab is closed it would simply be hidden from the UI and the snackbar would be displayed. If the undo button is tapped, the tab would simply be redisplayed. If the snackbar times out or is dismissed by swiping, then at that point the tab would be closed. Doing this is actually quite complex, more than might be readily apparent, but it would likely be possible.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner over 3 years ago

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Updated by Il Av about 2 years ago

Maybe it would help if there is a message if you want to close the tab. At the moment the tap close instead. When you have to accept you can avoid it.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner about 2 years ago

I personally would find it very annoying if every time I wanted to close a tab I had to answer a message asking if I was sure. And I know a lot of users would submit bug reports complaining about such behavior.

It could be possible to create an option for users to toggle this behavior, but I generally dislike having settings that modify the UI (I have made a few exceptions for highly requested features like a bottom app bar). In this case, I can't imagine that very many users would keep this setting enabled after using it for just a few days, but I am happy to leave this feature request open. If a large number of users were to comment and request such a message I would be open to implementing it.


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