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Consider making Metager the default search engine and homepage

Added by Soren Stoutner 9 months ago.

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Currently the default is Startpage. However, some concerns have been raised as to the current ownership of Startpage.

The default homepage and search engine is the one that I feel best meets the requirements listed at

Metager does as good a job as Startpage in all respects except for the following: using default settings with JavaScript disabled, Metager includes ad listings (appropriately marked as ads) that use a URL forwarder to track if they are clicked (see attached screenshot). I don't mind at all if a search engine includes ads. In fact, I think it is a good idea, because it provides a viable revenue stream that isn't necessarily based on tracking users or otherwise treating them as the product. However, I don't approve of ads that track when they are clicked (I know this is the industry standard, but the whole purpose of Privacy Browser is to change that). Startpage includes similar ads, but they do not display with the default settings of having JavaScript disabled and the blocklists enabled. Because Metager does include such ads that users might accidentally click on, it is currently inferior to Startpage.


Tracking Clicks.png (212 KB) Tracking Clicks.png Soren Stoutner, 03/26/2021 03:43 PM

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