Feature #729

Show the bottom app bar when a new tab loads.

Added by Soren Stoutner 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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The scrolling mechanism when the app bar is at the top of the screen allows the app bar to be hidden or shown even if a website is not yet populated. But, because of the constraints in Android's views, the bottom app bar cannot use that mechanism. The one it uses instead cannot hide or show the app bar unless the WebView can be scrolled. This can cause an annoying situation where, if a new tab is opened while the app bar is hidden, either through a context menu or via an intent, the app bar will not be displayed until the new tab loads and can be scrolled. If the user is on a slow connection, like Tor, this is not good.

Fixing this should also show the bottom app bar if a webpage is loaded from an intent and opening intents in a new tab is disabled.

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