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Searching sometimes doesn't load the search page properly

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I've had an intermittent issue with Privacy Browser where my search pages half loads but doesn't show the search results. I would say this happens approx. 2 times out of 10.
I use Startpage as my search engine (I've had the same issue with duckduckgo though too).

My workflow is as follows:
1, I use Sesame shortcuts, on my Pixel 5, to search for something and hit return.
2, This opens the default browser (Privacy Browser) and searches using
3. The Startpage website will partially load. I'll see the search term in the search box at the top of the screen with "Web|Images|Videos|News" tabs and where "Web results" should be it displays nothing. It's just blank.

I've found, if I go to Privacy Browser menu and select "Requests" and then go back to the webpage the results then show.

I was going to get a screenshot for this bug report but then realised that I had the "no screenshot" setting enabled in Privacy Browser so I don't know if it's something to do with that feature. I've now allowed Privacy Browser to take screenshots and if it happens again I'll get a screenshot for the bug report.

I've got two logcats which hopefully might help.
not_load = when the search only half showed
did_load = when the search did load correctly

If you need anything more from me please let me know.
Kind regards,


did_load (6.67 KB) did_load when the search did load correctly dronics thirteen, 09/21/2021 01:55 AM
not _load (8.54 KB) not _load when the search only half showed dronics thirteen, 09/21/2021 01:55 AM
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Startpage has stated that they are going to start requiring JavaScript, which means that, when implemented, searching with default settings is going to break, and eventually even searching with the blocklists enabled might break.

My guess is that they are doing some A/B testing with these settings, so that sometimes searching will fail.

There is always an outside chance that you are experiencing some network connectivity issues, but if that were the case I would expect it to affect all websites and not just Startpage (or DuckDuckGo).


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