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Bottom app bar disappeares

Added by Air Yes over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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From time to time bottom app bar disappeares and only way to return it without restarting the app i found is to rotate the screen to horizontal. When rotated back to vertical, bottom app bar stays. Experienced on g950f A9 PB 3.8.1, g980f A10 oneui 3, and now same on g980f A12 oneui 4 beta 1. On random websites, with different webview versions. No specific pattern was observed.


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Updated by Air Yes over 2 years ago

Edit: update PB to 3.9 - problem persists.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner over 2 years ago

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What did you do immediately before the app bar disappeared. Do you have scrolling of the app bar enabled? Are you using full screen browsing mode?

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Updated by Air Yes over 2 years ago

Actions before the event were not noted. I will keep that in mind and update with results.

Yes, scrolling of the app bar is on.

Full screen mode is on in settings, but i rarely use it. Also sometimes clicking too fast switches the page to full screen. But i did not notice connection between full screen and app bar disappearance.

I will follow up with more exact answers.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner over 2 years ago

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OK. Because of the way scrolling the appbar at the bottom of the page works (differently than at the top) I initially had several issues with scenarios where it could be hidden and not restored. I resolved all the scenarios I could find during my testing before the first release of the feature. But it is likely you have come across a scenario that I didn't.

If you can provide a list of steps to replicate (sometimes it is URL specific, or relates to pages of very specific lengths, or has to do with webpages whose size is adjusted dynamically via JavaScript), then I can figure out how to prevent it from happening.

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Updated by Air Yes over 2 years ago

Ok, I recently was able to catch one scenario with app bar becoming unavailable. Right on this website,
It looks like reason is that the page is too short, like there is not enough space to scroll so the app bar pops up. But with several attempts it sometimes pops up, but during same session it sometimes becomes unavailable again. I did a screen recording, but hit 2 issues uploading: no tool to delete metadata and to shrink it, and this forum allows 20mb max file size for upload.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner over 2 years ago

I changed the way the bottom app bar hiding logic works. Below is a link to a testing debug version of Privacy Browser (you can install it alongside your current Privacy Browser without issue). The link will expire after a few days. Please test it and let me know if it resolves the problem for you.

I also added some animation to the hiding/unhiding of the app bar.

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Updated by Air Yes over 2 years ago

I will install right now, but mean while check this pls.

Ok, I played with it a little more, now I have detailed report:
Recently I have changed the default font setting in PB to default 100 (was 120). Now with font 100 when I open the above mentioned page it does not scroll at all and the bottom app is perfectly present as it should. So seems like the page's size is exact fit to my screen or so. Then I change the font (in page settings) to 125, and page becomes larger and now there appears room to scroll. Once I scroll the app bar hides and never comes back, until I rotate the phone, screen goes to horizontal and there I can pull the app bar again. See screenrecording attached.

Honestly I dont have much problem with this app bar inconsistency, I would say not an issue at all. I just hope it will be useful for future development.

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Updated by Soren Stoutner over 2 years ago

Does the test version fix the problem for you?

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Updated by Soren Stoutner over 2 years ago

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As there is no feedback, I am going to close this bug as fixed.

Fixed in commit;a=commitdiff;h=484f0b0f0143c53a4722cee3a31e714df0c8c49a.


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