App Permissions Greyed after intall?

Added by Loni D almost 3 years ago

Hi. Minimal app permissions is one of the features I love most about Privacy Browser.

However, I just noticed that the permission list states, "No Permissions Requested", and is completely greyed out, while the playstore and F-droid list the following permissions for the app:

-view network connections
-full network access
-run at startup
-prevent device from sleeping
-install shortcuts

Are the permissions listed above suppose to be viewable in the app, or are the permissions not listed once the app is installed? (maybe)

I've noticed this on a few other apps as well, and I would love to know more.

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RE: App Permissions Greyed after intall? - Added by Soren Stoutner almost 3 years ago

The permission list that Android displays to users only includes what Google calls "Dangerous Permissions".

You can use an app like Stanly to see all the permissions an app has.

Information on the permissions used by Privacy Browser can be found in About inside the app and at the following URL: