[appraisal] Ease of tabbing with a single tap

Added by ask low 10 months ago

My internet surfing became a lot more productive from the moment I switched from chromium to Privacy browser. One of the main key reasons, is the ability to quickly spawn a new tab & close it with one tap from the tab strip, which no other browser have this much of convenience.

Although pb lacks tab management, it always ensures me to check the open tabs frequently, which also promotes manual intervention in my doom scrolling and internet addiction.

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RE: [appraisal] Ease of tabbing with a single tap - Added by Soren Stoutner 10 months ago

Thanks. That was one of my goals with tabs on Privacy Browser because I didn't like how all the other browsers required switching to a separate interface to manage tabs.

I know you are already aware of this, but for the benefit of others who might see this thread, I am planning at some point in the future to add a secondary Tab Activity that will allow advanced tab management, similar to how the main activity in Privacy Browser has a simple bookmark interface with a secondary Bookmark Activity for advanced tasks.

Feature #525: Consider adding a secondary tab interface that fills the entire screen

Hoping to see the tab management soon - Added by ask low 10 months ago

Could also be great if you include search functionality that searches the existing tabs and filter them, so as to access it quicker.