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Create an option to use the default X-Requested-With header

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I would like to report an issue and I hope this is the right place.
When I try to access some government website ( or, I am blocked.
The same page with Fennec show no problem.

I tried to:
  • activate/deactive the privacy list
  • change the user agent
  • activate/deactive Netguard

The problem still remains.

Is this behaviour expected ? Can I do something to access theses websites ?

Thank you

Phone: Oneplus 6
Android version: 11
OS: Lineage OS 18.1
Browser: Privacy browser 3.10.1 (F-droid)
Other applications: Netguard 2.300 (F-Droid)

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Updated by Soren Stoutner about 2 years ago

  • Subject changed from Some website are blocked when using Privacy browser to Create an option to use the default X-Requested-With header
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The problem with these websites is they don't like receiving a null header, specifically the X-Requested-With header with a null value. This is discussed in some detail at The ultimate goal is to remove the header entirely, but that won't be possible until the 4.x series with Privacy WebView.

In the meantime, I think I will create an option for users to revert the header to the default value, which is `X-Requested-With:com.stoutner.privacybrowser.standard`.

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Updated by No Thanks about 2 years ago

Hi !
Thanks for the informations ! And for the incoming fix.
Please let me known if I can do something to help.


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