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01:03 AM Privacy Browser Feature #208: Calculate SSL certificate fingerprints
The fingerprint is the only sure way to verify the cert is not a fake one as part of a mitm attack, you can verify it... bill bunter
11:16 PM Privacy Browser Feature #208 (New): Calculate SSL certificate fingerprints
Would like to see certificate fingerprint on the certificate dialogue.
Android 4.4.2
WebKit 537.36
bill bunter
11:47 PM Privacy Browser Feature #211 (Closed): Display the IP Address in the View SSL Certificate dialog
Security features.
IP address of site in https dialogue.
IP address pinning in Domains dialogue?
I think IP addres...
bill bunter
11:39 PM Privacy Browser Feature #210 (New): Specify Privacy WebView's SSL settings
If you included open SSL in privacy browser would that allow to for user to disable weak TLS ciphers that are still i... bill bunter
11:28 PM Privacy Browser Feature #209 (Closed): Block all resource requests from third party domains
A useful privacy feature I saw on an app in f-droid called webapps blocks the browser from connecting to third party ... bill bunter

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