Rahi Akherajot

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09:02 PM Privacy Browser Feature #662 (New): Packet Capture
Show GET/POST data in Requests section.
This will be useful if someone wants to see what raw data has been sent on d...
Rahi Akherajot
08:55 PM Privacy Browser Feature #653: Make the URL a hyperlink in the Request details
Opening a URL in background on long tapping will be useful, if someone wants to open multiple URLs(Similar to Bookmar... Rahi Akherajot


03:02 AM Privacy Browser Privacy Browser Forum: A Problem
Playback is not working in Privacy browser, but working in Chr...
Rahi Akherajot


04:09 AM Privacy Browser Privacy Browser Forum: Feature Request
Long Tapping a url in 'Navigation Menu > Requests' should open that link in a background tab.
I also wanted to kno...
Rahi Akherajot


11:05 PM Privacy Browser Feature #652: Test
Working fine! Rahi Akherajot
11:04 PM Privacy Browser Feature #652 (Closed): Test
test Rahi Akherajot

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