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If you go to click register it brings up a 'checking your browser' dialogue then a 'am I human' capture challenge so every time I complete the capture it goes back to the checking your browser dialogue and then a new capture challenge. It does that repeatedly. I changed the user agent and enabled cookies, domain storage, javascript to no avail. Amy ideas?

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RE: Bitchute - Added by Soren Stoutner almost 3 years ago

Bitchute is using Cloudflare, which has a whole range of detection techniques that a website can possibly use for force a CAPTCHA. Specifically, in their case, it appears that they place a tracking cookie on your browser the first time you successfully complete the CAPTCHA. Thereafter, if the cookie exists, you often get to skip the CAPTCHA.

Hence, if you want to avoid the CAPTCHA you can do the following.

Set a domain setting for with the following settings:

JavaScript: enabled
Cookies: enabled
DOM Storage: enabled
User Agent: WebView Default (might not work with other user agents, as a web server can tell that you aren't really Firefox or Chrome based on how the browser behaves)

In the main app settings, disable Clear Everything under Clear and Exit. Also disable Clear Cookies.

Clear and Exit is run every time it is selected from the navigation menu, but also every time the last tab is closed using the X on the main interface. Changing these settings will preserve your cookies across app closures.

Now, go to and click on the register link. Complete the CAPTCHAs. This will place a cookie on your device and load the registration page.

Close Privacy Browser by clicking the X to the left of the tabs. Reload Privacy Browser and go back to Click on the registration link. The registration page will load without the CAPTCHAs.

Of course, you will have to decide if using Bitchute is worth neutering Privacy Browser this much.

RE: Bitchute - Added by Raven Nine almost 3 years ago

Thanks for your help. I did as you said and it worked. I put the settings back to their regular values after I registered and it seems ok so far.