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Added by JB Hétier 12 months ago


Could the GPS location be made available for sites, with a toggle just like javascript or DOM storage?

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RE: GPS location - Added by Soren Stoutner 12 months ago

GPS location information requires the addition of the location dangerous permissions

From time to time there are vulnerabilities in WebView.

My guess is that there are a lot of unpatched 0-day vulnerabilities in WebView being actively exploited in the wild. Once the dangerous location permissions are granted to the app, any website that can exploit a WebView vulnerability would be able to track your location, regardless of whether the app enabled or disabled the setting. For that reason I never intend to add the location permissions.

PS. This is somewhat related to how the NSA uses 0-day exploits in Firefox to track people using Tor.

RE: GPS location - Added by JB Hétier 11 months ago

Thanks for the detailed reply!