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Added by Raven Nine over 5 years ago

Hi, do you have any idea what this is? I have noticed a similar thing several times on different websites. This site is Privacy Browser pops up a dialogue to save a file named -ud56bs5Knk I cancel it and it prompts to save a second file named Gy7FXVERKFE. Niether file has any file extension. Do you think this this sone kind of hacking attempt?

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YouTube NoCookie - Added by Soren Stoutner over 5 years ago

This website makes two requests to YouTube NoCookie.

These are to display videos at the bottom of the website. For some reason, WebView is interpreting these requests as downloads. The names of the two files come from the URLs. I don't know why WebView gets confused about this. Chrome handles them just fine. Perhaps it will be fixed in a future WebView update.

Attached is a screenshot of one of the requests.

RE: Attempted download - Added by Soren Stoutner over 5 years ago

Two other browsers based on WebView, Lightning and FOSS Browser, also attempt to download these as files.