[info] Redmine links to reference issues, notes, users, ...

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In Redmine, we can reference issues, notes (comments), users and so on.

Examples :

raw rendered comment
#1023 #1023 link to an issue
##1023 Feature #1023: Switch View Source to use the (undocumented) built-in WebView View Source link to an issue automatically retrieving the title
#note-1 #note-1 link to a note in the same issue
#1023-3 #1023-3 link to another issue's note
@soren @Soren Stoutner link to a user
"v3.15.1":https://... v3.15.1 external link with text instead of the URL ; note the little pictogram on the left of the link
"docs":/help/en/... docs relative URL, because no need to remind us every time the protocol and the domain name ; simpler if one day we have to move to another domain name ; no picto on the left

For more details, here is the link to the documentation.

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