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Warn before Clear Cookies or remove from menu

Added by Thomas Jensen about 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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When you tap Clear Cookies (or DOM storage or Form Data) you clean ALL cookies/data. That's rather drastic. I think it is a little dangerous to have such a powerful command in the menu. The user can easily hit it by mistake and loose all cookies. So, I suggest you remove it, or at least make an "are-you-sure?" dialog before clearing the data.

(I think Clear Cookies in the menu will be cool the day you have better control over cookies, so hitting the it only clear cookies for the current domain.)

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Updated by Soren Stoutner about 7 years ago

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It would be possible to add a prompt before removing cookies, although generally speaking I am inclined not do so as I find these types of prompts interruptive to the user experience in most circumstances (there are a couple of scenarios where I think they are appropriate).

I would be more inclined to add an undo option to the `SnackBar` that displays when cookies, DOM storage, or form data are deleted.

And I agree that the entire experience will be improved when there are fine-graned controls for cookies, DOM storage, and form data that allows a user to see everything that is stored and selectively delete data. Because of the way Google has crippled `WebView`, that won't be possible until I fork it to create Privacy WebView in the 4.x release series.

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