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10:12 AM Privacy Browser Bug #632 (New): Bookmark menu size in portrait and landscape
I don't know if this is a bug or normal behaviour.
If I start PB from portrait mode, the bookmarks take up quite a...
Thomas Jensen


06:14 AM Privacy Browser Bug #514: Swipe to refresh sometimes can't be disabled
Soren Stoutner wrote:
> However, when the problem manifests, switching the status of app bar scrolling appears to fi...
Thomas Jensen


01:27 AM Privacy Browser Feature #511 (Closed): Only save cookies from whitelistet domains
When it is possible to disable 1. part cookies in Privacy Browser, I suggest you make it (optional) default to delete... Thomas Jensen


09:30 PM Privacy Browser Feature #435 (Closed): Option to load homepage in new tabs
I think it would be cool if you could specify (in Settings) if a new tab should start up with a blank page or with th... Thomas Jensen
09:23 PM Privacy Browser Feature #434 (Closed): Long press to close tab
I think it would be cool if the user could close a tab by long pressing the tab. If that is too dangerous, it could p... Thomas Jensen


01:13 AM Privacy Browser Feature #134 (Closed): Warn before Clear Cookies or remove from menu
When you tap Clear Cookies (or DOM storage or Form Data) you clean ALL cookies/data. That's rather drastic. I think i... Thomas Jensen
12:38 AM Privacy Browser Feature #133 (Closed): Specify what to clean on exit
I think it should be possible to specify what should be, and not be, cleaned on exit. In settings, the user should be... Thomas Jensen


07:39 AM Privacy Browser Bug #131 (Closed): Text in drop-down list needs more space
The drop-down list in Domain Settings -> User Agent looks wierd - see screenshot.
My phone use normal text size, ...
Thomas Jensen

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