How to save session/ keep tabs?

Added by Mert Evgen 5 months ago

is there a way to keep the opened tabs, after I closed the Android Privacy Browser? When I open it again, all tabs are gone.

It is one of the most important settings for me, but it seems, there is no such option.

Thanks for yout help.

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RE: How to save session/ keep tabs? - Added by Soren Stoutner 5 months ago

Privacy Browser is built on two core privacy principles as explained at

The second one is that Privacy Browser minimizes the amount of data that is stored on the device.

From the link:

"From time to time I receive requests to add features to Privacy Browser that automatically store comprehensive histories across reboots or restore tabs on a restart. Although I can see the usefulness of such features, I am opposed to anything that automatically stores a browsing history just by engaging in normal browsing behaviors. Doing so makes it easy for malicious apps or devices made by companies like Cellebrite to extract browsing history from user devices without consent. As such, these type of features are unlikely to ever be implemented."