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Consider adding a secondary tab interface that fills the entire screen

Added by Adam Fontenot about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Hi, hope you don't mind other people leaving bug reports; the issue tracker was open registration so I figured it couldn't hurt.

User story: I discovered Privacy Browser yesterday, and was shocked by how full-featured it was given that I had never heard of it before. I want to be able to consider making it my primary browser, but can't currently. The reason is that I use (and prefer) smaller phones, but the tab bar is too small to accurately click on, and the "scrolling" mechanic makes it very difficult for me to close many tabs at a time.

Feature request: a button that would open a full screen tab switcher. I like the one in Firefox the most, personally, but really any full screen interface with larger tab buttons for people with big fingers would be fine. Obviously this feature, when enabled, should automatically disable the current tab bar because it takes up a lot of screen space.

This might be considered an accessibility request, if you have a tag for that. I'm sure there are people who need larger click areas for a variety of reasons.

I've included a screenshot comparing the UX of Privacy Browser and Firefox for 8 tabs open. Note that with a single button within thumb's reach, Firefox has shown me all eight of my tabs, with large easy-to-click buttons. I can click or swipe to close each tab, or click a tab to open it. Privacy Browser has no clear visual indication of how many tabs I have open. To close a tab, I have to repeatedly click on an 'x' button on the top left corner of my screen, which is not within reach of my thumb (meaning I have to switch to using the phone with two hands). Opening a tab means trying to scroll on the small tab bar to find the tab I want.

Thanks for your hard work, it looks to me like Privacy Browser has a lot of great features that you can't get elsewhere at present.


tab-switch-story-firefox-v-privacybrowser.png (499 KB) tab-switch-story-firefox-v-privacybrowser.png Adam Fontenot, 01/17/2020 04:43 PM
browser_thumb_reach_compare.png (96.4 KB) browser_thumb_reach_compare.png Adam Fontenot, 01/31/2020 07:57 PM
FFfocus-TabButton.png (80.6 KB) FFfocus-TabButton.png FFF tab button Just Root, 05/10/2020 07:49 AM
FocusTabList.png (54.7 KB) FocusTabList.png Pressed tab button, shows list of all open tabs Just Root, 05/10/2020 07:49 AM

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